Michael Garstenauer, Product Manager Cutting, Trotec Laser GmbH recently gave an overview of the advantages of laser technology for the print industry during a drupa preview webinar.

Laser cutters are universal tools for numerous applications, and are easy and effective to use. The laser process provides unique benefits for many print applications such as label cutting or large format sheet cutting. Workflow and software integration are key to successful implementations.

‘Laser technology has some distinct advantages for print applications,’ said Garstenauer. ‘Many of our customers have experienced that the use of laser technology has changed their business and given them new opportunities and possibilities.’

Some of the key aspects that were outlined in the webinar included:

Features and benefits of laser technology for print applications

  • Wear-free: unlike a router or knife, the laser never gets dull, there is reduced scrap and reliable delivery dates.
  • High productivity: cutting speeds are much higher and costs per cut are reduced.
  • Contactless: no touching of the workpiece and no restrictions.
  • Fully digital:fully individualised products, flexible processes and no lead times.


– Sign and display: acrylic cutting (a key hallmark).

– Label finishing: laser finishing of printed adhesive labels and kiss cutting.

– Soft signage: finishing of textile based signs, banners and flags with no fraying and products that are ready to install.

– Personalisation – individual products.