According to Grafityp, glass breakage is caused by the difference in tension on a window because certain parts expand faster than others as a result of heating. Glass breakage will therefore almost exclusively occur in outdoor applications.


– As long as the film takes up less than 50% of the surface, there is no risk of glass breakage if the window is heated by the sun.
– Use light colours – these are less sensitive to heat.
– Use transparent (sandblast effect) films and translucent films. These absorb less heat than cutting films.
– Full prints can always be used indoors (e.g. in a shopping gallery), even if it is a dark coloured print.
– Apply the film on the outside. This provides more cooling options, which reduce the risk of thermal glass breakage especially with full prints outdoors that are exposed to direct sunlight.
– Be careful with dark colours. These absorb a lot of heat, which create tension differences between the window and the film, causing a risk of glass breakage.
– Be careful with HR++ windows (high efficiency windows): only cover the windows at the outside as the inside of these windows have a special coating. The effect of this coating is disrupted if you apply the film to the inside of the window.