Gawk is presenting five hand picked Triga Go products presented in kit form with a view to attract potential distributors at the upcoming Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, taking place from 14-16 September at the Gallagher Convention Centre.

As a modular display system, Triga has traditionally been a tough sell within a typical distribution model. Recognising this, Gawk has selected five of its best selling Triga Go kits which it would like to sell through distributors: Triga Go® – 1 x 2.25m Totem; Triga Go® – 3 x 2.25m Wall; Triga Go® – 6 x 2.25m Wall; Triga Go® – 0.5 x 0.5 x 1.0m Plinth; and Triga Go® – 1.0 x 0.5 x 1.0m Counter.

These kits have been repackaged to best suit a distribution model, where potential distributors only have to move boxes. Through a unique engagement platform (to be presented at the expo), textile printing companies and their end users will now be empowered to access all Triga support material, build up instructions, configuration and versatility options without the need to directly engage the distributor.

The new support platform can also be deployed via the distributors own marketing channels, eliminating the risk of their client base moving outside of the distributors network to source Triga display hardware.

The selected Triga Go kits will have everything needed (other than the textile print) to build a full display. Print die lines and instructions will be available within the packaged kits and also via the online marketing channels to fully empower textile printing companies (i.e the distributors’ clients) to confidently size, print and finish textile prints to fit the Triga Go systems.

The event is sponsored by Platinum sponsors Roland DG South Africa and Stixo Signage Supplies. The show will take place 9am to 5pm daily. Entrance is free. For more information and to register online, click here.

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