Allrich showcased its manual and automatic acrylic bending machines, and more, at the Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, which was held in September at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The ABM 1300 acrylic bending machine is temperature adjustable (0-600 degrees), with an adjustable heating gap (0-20mm), that features a circulation water cooling system. Application materials include plastic plate (acrylic, Plexiglas) as well as PVC, PC, ABS, PP etc. Material thicknesses range from 1-10mm.

The machine is widely used in school technical courses, building models, decoration engineering, display cases, market shelves, advertising light boxes and artware making. It is small and portable and can be used anywhere. This machine can handle sheets up to 1300mm in length. The ABM 700 machine is similar to this and its functionality is also the same, but it can handle up to 700mm sheet lengths.

The ZD-2400B automatic acrylic bending machine features two up and down heating tubes. Material length goes up to 2400mm and a thickness within 15mm. The machine’s heating gap ranges between 1-30mm, with a bending height within 450mm and bending angle between 30-175 degrees. It is equipped with an Electronic Angle digital display for precise angle, with Manual Fine Tuning angle setting. Applications include: Plexiglas, acrylic, PC, PVC, PP, PE and other plastic materials.

Other products:

Super Clear Vinyl

Creative, versatile and durable, this product can be used to create designs on glass in every conceivable marketing and branding environment. It can be applied to glass without compromising light transmission or clarity.

Unprinted areas remain completely transparent, while printed areas can be transparent, translucent or even completely opaque. This, coupled with high resolution colour printing, gives designers and artists a whole new canvas, or ‘glass’, on which to create arresting graphics that transcend the usual profile cut frosted vinyl and simple window vinyl.

Applications include branded, retail, hospitality and corporate environments, where there are glass doors, walls, partitions, windows or skylights.

One Way Vision Vinyl for UV printing

This perforated window graphics sign film features punched holes on self-adhesive materials, using pinhole imaging principles. The structure of this film is a two-layer ink absorption liner. For general one-layer liner, the holes will be easily blocked by the UV ink during printing by a UV printer, thus it will lose the vision function. Based on a two-layer liner, UV ink can be absorbed by the liner, so it can be printed on by UV printers.

Steel gazebos

Gazebos are a popular choice due to their affordability and efficient and hassle-free form of advertising for outdoor events such as sports days or corporate functions. These lightweight gazebos are an ideal branding solution, are fully collapsible, easy to set up and functional as they provide shelter with their water-resistant canvas canopy. Due to their easy set-up, they are perfect for trade shows and golf day events.

Allrich have relaunched their steel gazebo range in both 2m and 3m sizes, and they are now available in options for premium heavyweight steel gazebos and budget steel gazebos.

The company implement a large variety of different design and assembly techniques to ensure the product features high quality, durability and affordability, and stock a large gazebo range with options for every budget and application, from 2m x 2m gazebos to 6m x 3m heavy duty deluxe aluminium gazebos.

Other products included: promotion counter; zig-zag brochure holder; banners, light-up banners, wall banners, promotional items, flooring material and director’s chairs.

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