Graficomp Displays Cutting And Latex Solutions

Graficomp exhibited at the recent Graphics, Print and Sign expo, where the company sold an HP Latex 800W model off its stand on the first day of the event, which took place from 5-7 October.  HP Latex 800W After a year of business disruption across the large format industry, the HP Latex 800 series brings a suite of features that enable [...]

Dye Sublimation As An Additional Revenue Stream For Large Format Print Shops

According to SAi, dye sublimation printing, traditionally the preserve of specialist printers producing textiles, T-shirts and novelty items, is a process that uses inks that are vapourised during transfer to the final substrate. The resultant images are colour-rich, vibrant and long-lasting. Dye sublimation printing can be done direct to the final polymer coated substrate, or more commonly via a transfer paper [...]

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